If you happen to know me in person, you’ll know.

I mean, you’ll have no problem saying how I always seem to end-up in a quite not-so much-expected side of the road in this journey I am living in.

Most of them, thank God, turn out to be not so crappy, (some are shockingly amazing, even), but still, there are few details left lying around here and there, looking for a fix I sometime can’t afford.

But just like you, or at least I hope so, I do try my very best to make whatever life’s thrown upon me, to be worth noted at the end of these days as an achievement. Stories I can someday share and let my kids learn from.

We fix it, one damage at a time, don’t we?

So yes, you often see me cry, when it hurts already too much, and these stupid tear drops offer me a tiny window to release some of the pain. But I try to never stop walking. For big part of it, the reason involves one particular person in my life, with whom I share my many dreams and pictures of tomorrow.

I gotta admit, it has become so much harder to picture my home, with me baking muffin for my future kids without him in it, and as stupid as it may sound to you, that is precisely why I can’t afford not to heal fast from whatever things broken in my life.

So forgive our stubborn heads if they refuse on giving up, and make you shake that cute heads of  yours trying to get a reason ‘why’.

A lot of things are much easier to be absorbed than to be explained in words. Had you seen us from beginning, you’d have seen clearly what I am trying to say you here.

This is not about us trying to impress some bollywood producers on this year’s love story. Nor to show off how hard it is to break our both hearts (it’s pretty easy, I’m telling you).

We may still be figuring out what to do next, and are still trying to heal ourselves.  God knows the storms hit us pretty bad so many frickin times, but let us be. Please. Let us heal. You may or may not believe we will end up seeing a rainbow at the end of these rainy days, but this is us trying. The least you can do, is to let us be.