These days, closer to the election day here in Indonesia, many crazy things you wouldn’t believe could ever happen until you see it with your own bare eyes, happened in my house. Some of you might have heard of so-called vodoo in south-eastern countries, which Indonesia is unfortunately quite well known of.

So, yeah, there were lights hitting my house from nowhere, forming a traditional Javanese knife, there was a bag with small bones, hairs and supposedly cemetery’s sand, showed up in nearby my backyard garden from, again, nowhere, and this is interesting : could not be burnt. It is regular things in Indonesia when you are up to something. People who hate you, go to shaman who then go to their very own Satan to hurt you (I understand many of you don’t believe it, but seriously, this is not another episode of Charmed nor Supernatural). It is happening to my family, and well, we are scared.

My father is running for his 3rd period for Parliament seat, where he has been since 1997. As the heat goes up, these craziness started to take place. You, friends from psychology area may have your academic opinion, but I have lived here long enough to conclude that some black magic does exist.

I am just glad my father is, by Allah’s grace, a very spiritual-oriented person. He has been so calm facing all these things, make the rest of us feel less stressful. One of my maids decided to leave for being too scared last week (she claimed seeing some other people that don’t naturally live with us, if you know what I meant), but that was probably just her imagination. So be it. Mom has managed to get one to replace her.

All these thing will naturally end when the result of election is pronounced. So we might all just need to be patient and calm ourselves. I pray all bad intentions will hit the owners back. May Allah save my family from all harms. Bless us by what shall bring light that will not end. Amen.