My home country, Indonesia is a country of thousands miracle and yet thousands more stories to it.

We struggled through 350 years fighting for our independence, and many years later up to this time when a lot of people are not yet feeling like they are in that so-called freedom our ancestors fought for.

We have some of most beautiful islands in the world, placed like a chain of jewels around the globe with our tropical climate. Fruits and rich forest that support major oxygen for the world to breath.

Yes, if you asked me, I’d say with pride and faith: God indeed loves us.

True that these past years, my country has been suffering from immerse tragedies, natural disasters, mass cultural and social conflicts, and political feuds that ain’t making anything any better but leaving its people to live in confusion and oh-so-much hate and suspicious thought about each other.

Many people lose their mind, and start blaming each other because it makes them feeling better to know there is someone to blame.

But nothing else got better, no wound got healed.

Over years, we try to find the strength accepting that the flood is our destiny, and each year it happens we just need to blame whoever it is that sit on ruling chair; when the quake happens, it means God is punishing those who are sinned.

The bottom line is: we are simply too lazy to provide solution.

So we then need to be reminded, as yesterday when people were shocked with a report of 7. 2 Richter scale earth quake and tsunami in Mentawai West Sumatra, that took away 112 people with another 502 reported missing people, along with that was Merapi early eruption in the same day that is reported to produce heat of over 1000′ Celsius scale, leaving 37.000 people lost their homes.

A lot of expressions are meant to be said in this time: prayers, self-corrections, condolences and sympathy to those who are direct victims of these disasters. Yet, there is still one thing not properly addressed yet: a self-righteous ego that cover itself on God’s words, making those kids who just lost their parents and their homes to hear that it was happening because the people in their homes are doing sin so God needs to banish them, or that the Governor is so corrupt that is why we get this flood each year.

I am not into politic, and may never intend to, but how these words can help anyone, anyway?

Indeed there are million things we need to fix in this country.

We are 3rd in corruption, our forests are rapidly being groped each year to feed small amounts of mouth. Strangers come to our land, dig our gold and instead, we reply to them saying: thank you, Sir.

Why? Because we are not resourced with proper skills to dig it ourselves, and too skeptical to have faith in later generation to fix that, making us too scared to teach our kids on being entrepreneur but rather prepare them to work on these giant corporation just like every other people we know.

We do not force our muscles enough to put more sweat educating the neighbors on the importance of being smart voters, and let them accepting even less than 10$ for their conscious.

We give up on spreading our faith in God’s mercy to those surround us, but instead questioning our own.

We live each year starting to question if God really hates us.

Well I tell you this: no, He doesn’t. Else we are no longer existing to bother feeling doubt.