Just playing “Soulmate” by Natasha Bedingfield

who doesn’t long for someone to hold?
who knows how to love you without being told.

Being in love is magical, that you can cross so many miles instead of every fear you’re fighting with. It’s so glorious, that you feel you’re gonna explode in excitement, and contentment that keeps your heart beat faster and the sun shines even brighter, just for you. You suddenly feel the strength to overcome anything, to argue with anyone, to step anywhere just by the word : “fear not, I am here”. Suddenly, you feel things are going to be OK. You can’t say how, but they will be.

I have been in love. Fearless. Cliche. I still am, and I don’t regret anything happened. They all worth it. If anything, I am afraid, that like everything else that grow, love will find some phase where it transforms, and changes. Then one of us say : we’re better off with someone else.

I personally believe, that there is one person destined as your other half. Who can see through you, with whom you feel : complete. Isn’t it soulmate is like a thing? That when you feel so, the other half would feel it too. Some say, it is. But yet, you can not always tell honestly if this person whose holding your hand, is the one. Or if he is not, is there really the one out there? What if he is too far away, and the twisted destiny simply forgets to pass him by, for you ?

Some say, love is not destined, it is a private treasure plant, that two hearts who need each other, grow together. They find each other, and build dreams they both share. They grow old, and grateful they have someone who stay beside them, who pass days with tears shed, and say good night to a day full of smile.

I am rambling, I know. Probably just my way to stay calm. I hope I made right decision. God help me.