It’s this one saying I heard couple days ago; “you can’t outrun your past”, that’s been troubling the stubborn mind of mind.

Surely not because I disagree to what it says (I do, when you put in perception), but because the girl whom I heard saying it spent 40 minutes bursting into tears before the words managed to come out from her lips.


Well.. I happen to be a person with a not so-perfect past myself. Not a dramatic-movie kind of not-perfect, but still it wasn’t flawless.

So, yeah.. I know a bit of what it takes to fix yourself when your heart and your head just won’t shut up and keep telling you of how stupid you are trying to fix things beyond repair. (Hell! I haven’t even finished the job myself).

But if there is one thing I know for sure that keeps me going, is that the moment I chose to stop swimming to the side, I am drowned.

Done. It is as simple as that.

So you did mistake, and what? We all did stupid things in our past, (who hasn’t, really?). Some were just dealing with nothing more than hormonal naughtiness, while some others crossed line a bit too far and end up broken even worse.

But still the point remains the same; we all simply need the right medicine carefully tailored for each of our wound. Each and every wound, though, they take time to heal.

Past is called past for for a reason. It is of course a part of you, that plays a part in making the present version of who you are. So I agree, you can’t rip it out of you heart, or pretending it never exists in your life.

It might also be true in some extend that you can’t outrun your own past. But who says anything about racing?

I don’t believe that for every wound your past put you through, you need some portion of amnesia to get it cured. The thing is, I do believe that your salvation starts when you can try that whole accepting concepts all those spiritual gurus been telling us.

Accept your past as a part of you, knowing that all the roads you chose to run from it is a dead end.

Just don’t stay there sobbing and being angry at yourself. Embrace it, without resisting the healing process that life does to its scar. Because there will be some amount of time need to pass by, before you realize that it doesn’t hurt the way it used to and then you can start seeing how it completes you like that strong bulging root that every strong tree requires.

Yes, you will be able to honestly comprehend what it means when people say : ” what doesn’t kill you, make you stronger”, with time.

I say that accepting your past involves a clear sight of understanding to every piece that fell there. The ones that make up the complete story that brought you here. It is about putting yourself as the best judge you can provide to your own life, because no one should know you better than you.