Couple days back then, I was watching my favorite TV series, and heard this interesting dialogue between the main character and her mom :

” All those pains I got through was just just to make me see you become nothing but ordinary”
— and the mother character threw herself on coach, crying.

Ordinary. Is it really that bad to be ordinary? I myself believe no one distinctively deserves being called ordinary. Sure there are people who get themselves easy to forget, with their flat expression or a voice softer than a whispering wind, but even for these people, there is someone, somewhere who really appreciates stuffs they’ve got. There is always a person thinking you are “different”. Better.

People spend life trying to define themselves “extraordinary”. Most do to please persons they look up to, while others just need achievement, they crave for it. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Goals give you reason.

Sadly tho, many people I have met in life, got lost in the journey, failing to understand the reason they picked those paths in the first place. So they exhaust themselves walking in round, just can’t find their way out.

I mean.. isn’t it obvious? We are ordinary, both extra or plain. It is not a definition we make in one page in life. If you’ve been living like a human being should, then you’ll end up having people who hate your gut, and some else who, hopefully, adore you to death.

It doesn’t mean anything. It simply means you’ve lived.