I am now back in my hometown for couple months. Not so much changed since my early childhood here, the quite same little town where people know, a bit too much, of each other. But anyhow, I love it, always have 🙂

Speaking of which, it’s been layangan season here, as regular phenomenon when the dry weather and its crazy wind passing by. I personally love to see people playing layangan, especially those big ones with full ornaments, which are so pretty to look at. My nephew is so crazy about it, and always come to my house so he can play in my back yard.

So you can see, I am so much not against this classic game. I am thrilled! But dude, my internet connection has got problems these days, as well as my neighbors’, since those layangan fly so pretty in the sky, and well, two, no, five, wait, no.. hundreds of them, stuck between phone wires, destroy people’ garden (i know, as my mom keep speaking about that like a theme song), and disconnect my modem 🙁 and for additional misery,my driver has been so hard to find as he joins people playing layangan on the back yard. So really, I am so much not against it. But I do really pray the rain comes sooner this year 😀