I have met, for countless times, people who think that having faith in God is somehow irrational peeps.

All of us living in this fancy little modern world must have heard once or twice someone seeing another person practicing religion as a victim of their own delusional mind.

People nowadays are shy to go to their house of faith, some are laughed at and others unfortunate are even scared to mention their arabic-sound name in fear of being known as muslim.

Now, I am not a religious person (mind you, we may have different translation to this term), but when I find out my friend trying too hard for people to not knowing her first name (which is Fathima), I just feel like screaming on top of my voice, protesting how we have become so powerless in this media-powered world, that everywhere we go we feel the right to judge and to label others who chose to believe and call their God differently than we do.
Seriously, have any of you ever wondered how it feels being treated so unfair?

When there is bomb in Kansas detonated by non-muslim, you call it standard criminal.. A lunatic just having off day. God forbid, one bomb brought by a man named Muhammad, or Amir, or Yusuf .. then it must be international conspiracy of so-called al Qaedah organized in secluded dessert in Pakistan who rules the world (really?). That with un-traceable biliions of dollars floating everywhere, with tiny fraction of used to pay a 20-something young man in Indonesia. A deeply troubled and depressed young man, mind you, to blow himself up in the middle of Friday sholah.

For the love of God people, we are humans too!

We are not bound to be responsible to what others practicing the same religion as we are, do what their life.. just like Catholics are not responsible for what Queen Marry did to Protestants, and no person from Germany should be forbidden to live their life because Hitler performed genocide to Jews.

Catholics should be free to go to their church in Sunday without you thinking they are going to burn their Methodist neighbor once they go home. So don’t you think we deserve to wear our hijab, and go to our Masjid without you assuming we’re sneaking bombs within our lunch?

I may just be a typical moron, dreaming on idealistic world that will ¬†never materialize. Well, at least I said it, and at least you’ve read.

I can never understand a person judging something and put their life-time perspective  about it on a tiny fraction of subject in question. Nor will I get to really grasp on why western people (the so-called science-worshiper) against their usual scientific approach towards practically anything else, refuse to really learn on the subject of Islam from the source ( and no, CNN, National Geographic or TheDailyNews are not what I am talking about, nor your favorite actors or authors).

We muslims have Qur’an, as I am sure you know. Read it.

Go to masjid where you can find a scholar who can explain you the words in Qur’an. Billions of people practicing it for a reason, don’t you think? Just don’t go to a blog page, and base your future thoughts about us on a random quote that the author put intentionally.

Go to the source if your intention is really to learn, that’s all I am saying.

Learn, like any good student who are honest in their pursue of knowledge. Get educated, be fair, and treat others in fairness. Simple as that.