I spent a gruesome couple of days redesigning this blog’s template, and officially given up on the whole idea of Adsense since those guys just keep on banning my account for whatever reason I can never comprehend.

Yes, leaving such ugly blank spaces here and there as the ads stop showing up (seriously driving me crazy!).

So now I think I’ve decided to ‘actually’ blog and post something here after a long pause last two months. (it’s wonderful how I always feel a bit more creative when I am actually bed-laying sick, eh? ).

I need to find ways to recreate my creative process without having to vomit every couple of hours.

Moving on…

The whole going back home plan, turned out to be taking up much more life out of me and my husband, especially that I have been sick this past month.

I am telling you, even registering my marriage certificate in the embassy is whooping some ridiculous amount of prayers time.

That is since we both wanna stay sane during this whole process. Oh bureaucracy,  how I wanna punch you in the throat…


But thank God for the good Samaritans in this world. After I explained on my medical issues, and my plain and simple plea to get my marriage certificate stamped by the embassy, one of the official replied my mail and kindly grant me that stamp. So, yay! Despite us having to go to Mumbai to get that, my husband did pray for his kind soul.

Ok, stop with the rambling. What was the post title again?


Quite a luxurious wish, isn’t it these days? How many of us walking around this planet can honestly say we are at peace?

After all those works we strive to put up in life, being at peace, for so many people just seem to get more and more impossible to pay for.
I sure always miss those times, back in my childhood home, when all that mattered to me just revolved around my grades, and my many, many first loves. Way back before hospitals seem to love me just a wee bit too much, and things seemed so peachy and manageable.

Growing up, I began telling myself that peace is sometime a fair price you just gotta pay for some sets of new purpose in life, a better one.Here and there, you have to let your mind twisted lil bit off its steady track, just for you to explore those many ‘hidden’ stashes, life is supposed to generously offer you and your wandering soul.

But I am 28 years old, and pretty much got through some ugly phases not many my friends would say they have stumbled themselves into, so I know what I am saying when I say this; there is not much to wander about.

At the end of the days, we strive for same thing we strive those days in our mothers’ lullaby; peace, just a long peaceful hour to actually feeling good of whatever life we get we live in.

Have I bored you yet, kind one?

Yes, to answer your rolled eyes, I am pretty sure these words I spit out as I type this are leading to a point somewhere.

What I am trying to say, while trying my best not to making it seem over-simplied, is this: sometime in life you just need to accept and settle, holding onto the small details that actually make you laugh and bring you sense of contentment.

Appreciate the people you actually feeling good with and hold on tightly to them.

Sometime life is just about that; living for the day and take a break from wandering around.

If not forever, then have it for a while.

Take a break.

Look around and find those small reasons that put a smile on you. Then try to keep them close. Because I am telling you, before you know it, life will soon move too fast again, it’ll spin you crazy.
Knowing that you got these small things in your life that rally matter, is what’ll keep you together no matter what life throws at you from time to time.