Hope, it makes you shines and glow. Wake you up in freezing morning, and keep you step up. No matter how freaking crazy today is, hope let you sleep at night. Because you hope, tomorrow sun will shine even brighter, for you.

I am a hopeful person, and trying best I can to stay in a positive side of my nerve system. I made some mistakes in life, as everyone does, and hope it will stay in past. Don’t even know how this correlate, just my stupid way to say to myself : “things are gonna be fine”

I fear, as anyone does. I just don’t prefer to put it in display. Don’t really like people stare at my life, and start making assumption and judgment. So some people say me not honest, some people, well.. simply don’t care. [so why bother?]

Life’s been good these several months, nothing to complain. It may have blessed me with worst pain and tears, that never appeared in my worst nightmares, but I did what I had to do. So no, I have no regret whatsoever. When you walk through a path, and at some point you realize that you have taken it a wrong way, it is never too late to set back, and start over. Anything is better at this time, than letting yourselves get lost even worse. I am still on the path I chose, am still believing it is path for me to go round, I just did set back and start over. Because I believe it worth the pain. Not because I put no respect on its accomplishment, nor to anyone’s expectation. But because I believe that to accomplish it is when I close my eyes for the last time, and feel glad I did the right thing.

Don’t you understand?