There is something about this picture that really moves me. Seeing that kid holding a balloon of water, trying so hard to keep it from vanishing into air. . is somehow reminding me of greatness that hope can do to our life every now and then.

You and me.. we all have heard a story or two about miracles of hope in people’s lives. I for one, am praying for the same muse to happen in my life these days.. as I am sure you are too from time to time. But the thing is, as we grow old and older.. our heart somehow loose its capacity bit by bit to hope even more. Maybe it is those failures we stumbled upom when we started to grow, or maybe it’s the massive disappointments we shared from those people we used to look up to. I can’t really say.. but somehow, some way, we yearn for that kid’s innocence and his stubborn hopefullness with that water balloon to present in this greasy land we sometime see as our hearts.

No, this is not a story-telling post, nor a lecturing ones like many others here (yes, I know.. pls bear with me though..) and if you were all not brought here looking for my ‘Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, Raj’ post, or my yogurt images (it is a wonder how many hits I get from these two every day), I’d jump to conclusion that you were actually coming to share me a story about how hope works on you.. and how it might be cheering this weekend of mine.. 🙂

So.. anyone?