Starting out is always scary. But then again, if it didn’t creep the hell out of you, it might not worth pouring your sweat and blood into.

Or so I am told.

I have been struggling to start again this blog of mine. Probably not because it was hard to do, I’veĀ  several niche-related blogs I’ve been managing steadily these past couple of years. But after unnecessary break down last year, where I took down my both personal blogs and went ahead deleting all their databases–the ones that had pictures and stories since the moment I started motherhood, somehow I find it hard in me to jump right back into the game.

So. There’s that.

I know feeling like I am talking to a whole lot of nothingness right now is not helping. After all, what I am about to aim by doing this is not that clear in my head yet.

Like everything else though, you’ll need to see if these things that scare you worth fighting your nightmares over. Some things are, at the end, serve bigger purpose in life.

That said, I do need a blog to channel out things I can’t say loud enough.

I need a place to rewind, and writing does that for me.

So here goes nothing. Hope this one little step sticks longer than the days it took me to even start.