My uncle, was 46 years old, just passed away last week. Too much shocking because he had no illness whatsoever, and was kidding with his wife and kids when he suddenly wanted to sit down for feeling bit head-ache. he turned on TV while sitting on sofa, saying that the soccer match should not be so boring that night, and in that one last breath he put his head back, and gone.

Last month, my friends’ mother was having joyous chatting with her palls, she was so happy that morning, joking around and laughed at her fellas. Couple minutes later, her 1 year old grand daughter cried, and she said “please wait, let me see if her nanny was there”. Her friends watched her stood and walked inside, but at front door, she said “oh” and suddenly fell down, soul-less.

How? How come death comes with no warning at all. I remember when my grandpa died, he said that couple days before, and was prepared. when my grandma died, she signaled it couple hours earlier, made some notes, talked to my cousin who stayed with her, and said that it could be her last message. People thought she was joking, but 5 hours later she fell in bath room. People lifted her completely conscious, she asked her youngest daughter to take her bracelet out of her, mentioned “Allahu akbar” –Allah is the Greatest of All–and closed her eyes. Gone

So what’s wrong with today’s angel of death? Is there some kind of new rules, that thee should not give anymore hint, to add level of surprise? Or a warning to living humans, that you may die, even though you have no sickness at all, are not hit by buss, and are not passing mid-life age.

I am thinking of how not prepared I am now to face death. How much I have been attached to this so-called material word, that I fear of leaving my hard-earned life. My dreams. My beloved people.

Death is a warning. I personally don’t believe that whatever you did in this world, you will all come to heaven. I believe that God must make certain rules so His creatures can live without harming each others, rules telling them that there are punishments if you cross some lines, and rewards if you behave as told. As I believe God must be great enough to keep His promise, so yes, heaven should be for those who deserve.

So this week I have been evaluating my life, feeling less stressful of lost and fears, as coming to realize that there is end for everything. I sure pray death don’t come that soon to me. But I even pray more, that when it does, I will welcome it with no fear.