After some times, as we hit and hurt our feet, we learn and tell ourselves not to walk too fast.

When we keep walking and slip, we start building our layers of fear to falling. Then we fall in love, break our heart so often we start loosing count, and that is how we tell every bit piece of our heart not to fall that freely next time: cos man, it hurts!

So some of us grow, and find ourselves a bigger version of that kid who cry after falling from the tree he climbed, only we have smaller guts to climb back than he did.

Sad, now isn’t it?

I don’t need to tell you how life shouldn’t be that scary.  Or what is the point of living after all?

We can jump, so stupid we break our hips, and end up learning how to wear parachute (lazy sample, but one can see the lesson, and yes it happens!), not because we get so scared, but because we remember being overwhelmed when our breath rushed in, when the sky feels so closer, or when we laugh in the air so high.

It is actually harder not to move on, rather than forcing our wounds to heal faster. Simply because that’s not natural, not how the nature of things is supposed to be.

The world’s moving on, and freezing ourselves in steady motion in the middle of a busy rail road, is plain silly.

We need to take a deep breath, and whatever wound that is, well .. rush to heal.  The longer you stay there, the worse it’ll become. Trust me on this.

You’ve got yourself wounded, let it be healed. You don’t get to crawl in the corner, convincing yourself you deserve this much time to heal. Your shrinks, your spouse, your mom, do get to say that.. mostly because you’re shrinks are trained to do that, and your loved ones are simply too scared for you to break even more.

Or probably because they don’t know, quite exactly as you do, that if only you gave it a try a little bit more, you’re capable to fix yourself and heal even faster.

So please, take your time to heal. But know that wound get dried up sooner exposed to wind, than being wrapped up tight. Recognize your own strength. Buckle up, and move!