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Here Goes Nothing

Starting out is always scary, isn’t it? People say that if it didn’t creep the hell out of you, it might not worth pouring your sweat and blood into. Or

Mama-to-be, finally !

This one is just a shout out to all you beautiful souls who have been sending your best wishes all the way to us here. By God’s grace, we are

Peaceful You

I spent a gruesome couple of days redesigning this blog’s template, and officially given up on the whole idea of Adsense since those guys just keep on banning my account

Moving On

Of all the reason people want to make their life easier to live in, I think peace in our mind is one thing we all strive to get a hold

I’m Grateful, For You!

I am grateful for this life of mine. Because like my father used to say all the time; after all the glam and pain, life is just a set of

This Too, Shall Pass.

I spent my last weekend kinda comfy; watching marathon movies and tv series that have been piling up and starting to make me feel guilty not to watch them. Oh,

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